I offer mentoring and editing services. Keep reading to learn more!


If you are interested in learning my specific technique including my shooting style, posing style, and editing style, then a mentoring session would be perfect for you! My mentoring covers photography based topics rather than business based topics. These courses are not for beginners, and you should have a bit of experience shooting in manual before booking. However, if you're a beginner, scroll down to learn about the beginner's course!


In-Person Mentoring

You'll get to see how I do an entire senior session! We will meet up for a photo session with a model who is one of my past clients and who is great in front of the camera. I'll teach you all about my lifestyle posing techniques, how I interact with my models and the things I say to get them to pose. I can also teach you about how I use lighting and brush up on camera settings. And there will be a Q&A session so you can ask me anything regarding shooting a senior session!



Online Mentoring

You'll get to see my entire editing workflow! We will have a Skype session so you can see how I edit my photos step by step using Adobe Camera Raw and various presets. I'll teach you how to use layer masking, skin editing, and how to play with colors. And there will be a Q&A portion so you can ask me anything regarding shooting and editing, and you can request to watch me edit a specific photo!




This package is a combo of the two previous mentoring sessions! We will meet for the session in person, and then have the Skype session at a later date.


Beginner's Course

Not sure how to use your camera? Did you get a new camera and want to take it off auto and switch into manual? In the Beginner's Course, we will have an hour lesson where I'll show you how to use your camera, how to understand your settings: exposure, ISO, and aperture. I'll teach you about lighting, and general aspects of framing and composition.




Need to outsource your editing? I'm here for you! if you use Tribe Archipelago presets, I can duplicate your style! Please contact me to see some before and after shots and you can describe to me your editing process!

less than 20 photos: $1.50 per photo
21-40 photos: $1 per photo
            41-60 photos: 75 cents per photo
61+ photos: 50 cents per photo

Please contact me at chelseet@gmail.com for mentoring and editing services!