Taylor | Buttermilk Falls in Beaver Falls, PA | East Palestine and Northeast Ohio Senior Portrait Photographer

Look at this amazingness! Taylor was one of my 2016 models and she signed up for one of my styled model sessions this summer. We wanted to do something very summery and we though the perfect location would be this gorgeous hidden gem in Beaver, PA - Buttermilk Falls! This place is gorgeous. I love all the pretty dappled lighting when the sun shines through the trees. This place is so gorgeous. There's so many beautiful spots and all these amazing rock formations, cliffs, and hills! I loved all of her outfits and I loved that she braided her hair! Plus I got to show off her new tattoos, her Disney one and her butterfly one! We had a fun little explore and wandered around the trails looking for cool spots. Then for my favorite portion of the session, the waterfall!! We picked out these colorful shorts and some gypsy Coachella inspired jewelry for this portion. And then Taylor braved the cold and got into the water with this super simple flowy white dress. Those are some of my favorite shots from this whole session, go scroll down to check it out! :)
makeup by Liz Powell at Spa Le Jeane