Sadie | 2017 Senior Model | Youngstown and East Liverpool Senior Portrait Photographer

Another amazing styled session with one of my senior models! Meet Sadie! She has such a fun and spunky personality and that makes her so great to work with. She is so cool and easygoing and is up for anything! We headed out to one of my favorite spots, The Tubs in Fredericktown, East Liverpool. This place is just so peaceful, serene, and filled with such history. This area actually used to be open to the public if you got a pass, but over the last few years, so many people have been vandalizing and littering the place, that they had to close it down to the public. Luckily Sadie's mom has a pass, and her cousin also lives right nearby. I have only been here twice, but the beauty of this place is absolutely breathtaking. So Sadie and I started the first part of her session walking around the rocks and water, and up to the wooden covered bridge. Then it was time for the styled portion of her session, and man did she look incredible in this outfit! I am so glad she chose this! It suited her so well. For her last outfit we visited some of the more historic areas, like the old houses and cabins, and the old general store, and a gorgeous old barn. I had such a great time and we loved all these photos. Thanks for a great day, Sadie! 
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Makeup by Spa Le Jeane