Rocky | Class of 2017 | Canfield and Columbiana Ohio Senior Portrait Photographer

EAU.MI.GOSH. I freakin love working with Rocky!!! She is just so amazing. I met her on instagram over the summer and since then, we have become friends and done some fabulous photoshoots together. She is just so great in front of the camera, a naturally talented model! We have been so excited for her senior session for a while now.  The first portion she showed me around some realy cool spots in Columbiana. We walked around some alleyways and side roads and around to find some cool buildings. It was a super gorgeous sunshiny day which gave the perfect lighting! I love that when Rocky and I shoot together she has all these incredible ideas and that she poses herself, and then I get to combine my ideas & skill and we create absolute magic! She is actually a wickedly talented photographer herself. You should check out her work at ! Anyhoo, for the next part of her session she took us to her "secret spot." She scouted and found this location all on her own, so I can't disclose where it is ;) But IT IS INSANE. Rocky and I love these old deteriorating abandoned buildings. She let me know in advance that the light inside was crappy, but I was ready to take on the challenge. We MacGyver'd our way around the building, and I even used some leftover scraps to act as a makeshift reflector, and utilizing every angle possible to get the perfect light, like ripping the curtains that had stuck to the windows after years, or backing into a corner with a cobweb XD We explored all around, and then the most gorgeous sunset light peeked through the trees and we got some even more incredible photos. Rocky has the best hair in the world!!! I live for these kinds of sessions where everything works out so perfectly. This was seriously such a fun day and I can't wait to share more photos of Rocky and shoot together some more! She is such a great friend!
Thanks for an awesome day, Rocky!