Rocky | Class of 2017 | Canfield Fair Photo Session | Canfield and Northeast Ohio Senior Portrait and Fashion Photographer

Another grand ole time with my wonderful new friend Rocky!!!  I met Rocky on instagram a couple months ago and we totally clicked! She is a very talented photographer herself (and you should go check out her work at ). Anyhoo, we really wanted to do some Canfield Fair photos before it was over, so on Labor Day we headed out to the fair! It was INSANELY HOT. I definitely got sunburnt. But I am so obsessed with these photos!! Rocky, being a photographer, has all these amazing ideas with composition and angles. I love hearing all her suggestions and being able to make them come to life in the photo! All the bright colors at the fair were just so perfect. And both times I've shot with Rocky, we have shot at "odd" hours of the day! If you have worked with me before, you know I consistently shoot at golden hour for the best light. Well even though this was in the late afternoon, the photos still rocked! I had such a great time with her and I can't wait to shoot and hang out with her more!!