Rocky | Class of 2017 | Canfield and Northeast Ohio Senior Portrait and Fashion Photographer

EAU.MI.GOSH. Days like this make me SOOOO happy to do what I do. I cant even describe in words the awesome time Rocky and I had on this day! Rocky and I met on instagram, I had randomly followed her and noticed she was a talented photographer. She sent a message and asked to meet up and grab some food and chat about photography. We chatted some more, and eventually set up a time to meet up, and now I'm going to be taking her senior portraits! We instantly became friends and texted each other and both were so excited to meet up. We grabbed some food just hung out for a little while, and we were chatting about some local businesses when 1820 House came up, and her face lit up when I told her that it was just up the street! So we walked over there and she absolutely loved the place!! We walked all around town and then took some more photos. I love photographing her, this girl is not only a talented photographer but a really good model!! It's great to work with someone who is a fellow creative. Rocky was so great at posing herself, suggesting different angles and ways of lighting, it was awesome to be able to combine both of our ideas!! As a photographer I always want to learn and grow. The only time Rocky and I were able to meet was at 1pm, and if you've ever booked a session with CTP you know that I pretty much only shoot at golden hour because I love the soft, hazy, and even lighting. Afternoon/midday light is often harsh. But I think this shoot with Rocky totally changed my opinion and I can't wait to do more afternoon shoots! It was fun to experiment with new lighting techniques!! I'm so glad to have met Rocky, she is such a fun and cool girl and it's great to have made a new photographer friend. I can't wait to share more sessions with her!! She has a another blog post coming up in the next couple weeks so stay tuned :D