Paige | Class of 2018 Senior Model | Water Photo Session in the Creek | Columbiana and Poland Ohio Senior Portrait Photographer

A super fun session with one of my senior models, Paige! We were both dead set on having photos in the water. So we headed out to Buttermilk Falls in Beaver Falls, PA. Except when we got there... it was awful! It had just rained there. (But it didn't rain where I lived, so I had no clue it even rained in Beaver Falls) and the water was just so ugly and brown! We were upset but we made it work! The trails at Buttermilk Falls are such a gorgeous, green, forest setting, that we got some lovely photos while we were there! Then we headed to East Palestine where at the end of the park trails, there is a creek in the woods with a tree that hangs over it. The water is the perfect depth for a photo session! And you better believe I got in that water too! The water came up past my belly button but I will do anything for a good photo! Paige rocked the heck out of these dark edgy water photos. I am completely obsessed. And it's not easy to model in water, while getting water in your ears, and while the current of the creek pushes you away! We had such a great time and man oh man are these photos amazing. Thanks for a wonderful evening, Paige!

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