Olivia | 2017 Senior Model | McDonald and Northeast Ohio Senior Portrait Photographer

Olivia and I had such a fantastic time with her second session!! It was seriously such a blast!! She has such amazing style! I loved that she was not afraid to try something new and fun and funky. First off just look at her hair!! It looked so cool! I loved her outfit choices too! We chose a really edgy and urban style location to go with this funky styling. She is honestly a very good model, the whole session flowed so smoothly! She takes direction so well and the whole session was just going so smoothly and everything was just perfect! I'm in love with all the poses we got! And Olivia's birthday was Sept 14th so we wanted some cute birthday photos! Her dress was so cute and she brought cupcakes and balloons and we got some super fun confetti photod! And gahhh the styled portion of her session was just incredible!! I am obsessed with this dress!! And the location where we shot is so cool, it's a factory! I love the juxtaposition of the grungy factory mixed with the delicate lace of the dress. Seriously what a dream come true!! And like I said, I loved that Olivia was not afraid to try something different and go totally out of the box. So a few weeks prior to the session, she showed me a cool photo from pinterest that had this like, golden glittery makeup all over her face. We thought it was so cool! So after we finished the first few outfits, we stopped and I started putting the glitter makeup on. and OMG with this gorgeous evening light, and this simple tan top, this was everything we could have asked for! We really wanted the session to be high fashion and Vogue inspired. We are so thrilled with these images and we had such a great day! Thank you for an awesome evening Olivia!
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First makeup look by Spa Le Jeane
(the glitter makeup we did together!)