Katie | Class of 2018 | Trampoline Flying Styled Session | Girard, OH and East Liverpool, OH Fashion and Stylized Senior Portrait Photographer

Catching up on blogging from November! Check out Katie's senior portraits! When Katie contacted me, she said she wanted something different and unique for her photos. So I had remembered seeing this photo of a guy on a trampoline, and the photo was of him in midair. So I thought, why not get a super flowy dress and have Katie jump on the trampoline for some dramatic, fashion inspired senior portraits? And holy cow did it work out PERFECTLY! Katie was an absolute natural in front of the camera. She made it look so so easy! Every single frame was perfection. She executed the jumps perfectly, kept her facial expressions looking fantastic, all while battling the cold weather, wind, and a super long dress! I had a blast shooting with her and I am ecstatic with how these photos came out. Thank you for a great evening, Katie!

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