Haley | Class of 2017 | Youngstown and Canfield Senior Portrait Photographer

I had such a blast working with Haley! She is so cool and laid back and I love her simple and casual style. I've had a great year this year and Haley has contributed to it! We shot at one of my favorite places; the laundromat has been a popular request this year! We had a fun time roaming around the area getting some really cool photos. I love the vintage vibe that the laundromat has, and the rustic and urban vibes that other various buildings in EP have. Lastly she donned a simple black shirt dress and we got to do some really cool dance poses. She is so graceful and talented and makes it look so easy! It was a wonderful sunny day with perfect weather and perfect lighting! Thanks for a great afternoon, Haley!
makeup by Liz Powell at Spa Le Jeane