Grace | Pittsburgh Strip District Photo Session | Pittsburgh and Youngstown Senior Portrait and Fashion Photographer

Another fabulous session! On a mega cold November day, I met up with another photographer from PA, named Mackenzie of Mackenzie Hohn Photography. She wanted to learn from me so we set up a mentor session so I could teach her how I do a typical senior session! I got ahold of one of my seniors from this year, Grace, and asked her to come down to the Strip District to be a model for me! It was ridiculously cold but we had such an awesome time! I really had fun teaching, it's really rewarding! And this was one of the first snows of the year (remember this was back in November) so it added some nice visual interest to our photos! I'm becoming more accepting of snow over the past couple years, lol. I adore shooting in the Strip District in Pittsburgh, there are just so many cool old buildings and graffiti, rust, and texture. We had such a great time. These photos are the ones I took, but you can check out Mackenzie's work at !
Thanks for a great day, Grace and Mackenzie!