Grace | Class of 2017 | Edgy Grunge Session | Youngstown and Northeast Ohio Senior Portrait Photographer

EAU MI GOSH. Grace is so freakin cool!! We had a blast together. I absolutely love when you and your senior just totally click and everything is perfect! This girl is so beautiful and I love her unique look. Her dark hair and fair skin made for some incredible photos. I love her simple yet edgy style, she had some super cute clothes that were to die for! She is so photogenic and was born to be in front of the camera. We loved being able to try things that were fun, unique, and different! We went to the laundromat for some vintage/grunge/ 90s inspired shots. There is a string of arcade games that photographs so perfectly too! Ahhhh all these colors were stupendous!! Plus we got to show off a bunch of Grace’s SICK tattoos. Ahh omg and the last outfit was just my favorite!! She is just effortlessly cool. She was truly like a real model, she just took direction so well and was such a natural when being photographed. Plus I had a really great time with her! She is wacky and silly and funky and it was so good to just chat and laugh together!! I am excited to work with her again in the future, seriously I have the best seniors and Grace was just so freakin awesome. Thank you for an incredible evening Grace!!