AMERICAN GIRLS | Class of 2017 Senior Models | 4th of July Americana Themed Group Session | East Palestine and Northeast Ohio Senior and Lifestyle Photographer |

Aahhh another fantastic group session!!! For my class of 2017 senior model program, I added themed group sessions and oh man they are so much fun!! This is the 2nd one we have done. And we have 6 more planned!! 8 of the 13 models were able to attend this one. Tori, Elizabeth, Olivia, Shania, Hannah, Maddie, Alexis, and Faith! They are all so wonderful. Seriously, it's so great how well they get along and they are becoming fast friends!! Plus they always help me out and think of some of the best ideas!! I headed over to the mall to grab some fun little 4th of July accessories like scarves, headwraps, and silly headbands and sunglasses! And of course... Sparklers!! These photos turned out so cute, I love that we were able to have a fun evening. Oh, and scroll down to the very last photo. It is so freaking funny, it was their idea!! :-P
Thank you girls for a wonderful evening!!! God Bless the USA!