Alisha | Class of 2018 Senior Model | Geneva-on-the-Lake Photo Session | Austintown and Canfield Ohio Senior Portrait Photographer

Alisha is such a wonderful addition to my class of 2018 senior model team! She is absolutely gorgeous, super photogenic, and a lot of fun to be around. I kinda think she looks like Emily Blunt?! Anyhoo, we went up to Geneva-on-the-Lake for her first session. Man is this place cool! We shot at the Lodge at Geneva, and it just so happened that there was a wedding there earlier in the day. So the gazebo was absolutely gorgeous and adorned with flowers and decor! Then I wanted to make sure I got some beautiful sunset sky in the images and have the lake in the background. Also left at the gazebo after the wedding that occurred there earlier, were all the chairs, aisle, and small bags of flower petals meant to throw at the bride and groom. Well we used some of the left overs for some cool flower petal photos! Then we headed to the strip to get some ferris wheel shots and also a couple shots right on the shore. These photos are some of my favorites ever! Thanks for a great night, Alisha!
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