Class of 2017 Senior Model Program | Recap and Highlights

I'm recapping and highlighting some of the most fun aspects of the senior model program! The 2017 senior model program will draw to a close this coming May, but if you're currently a junior, you can click here to sign up for the class of 2018 senior model program!

Here's some cute behind the scenes snaps from some of the senior models' individual sessions!

We did a 4th of July themed session called American Girls! This was definitely a favorite of mine!

One of the models had the idea to spell out USA with their bodies and it was the funniest thing ever 😂 The senior model program is always full of laughs and fun times!

This fun boho session called Bohemian Dream was probably the most popular and most fun to date! I loved being able to help style their outfits by providing clothes & accessories from The Beauty Bag- which is a style closet only offered to my senior model team! I love that these girls have become fast friends and have a blast together :) And we are doing another hippie/boho session for the class of 2018 senior model program!

Here's a cute little behind the scenes video from the Bohemian Dream session!

Behind the scenes of the Bohemian Dream session! The girls have all become friends so quickly! Ready to make new friends and have some awesome memories and fun themed photoshoots? Click here!

The senior model program is always more fun with a BFF, because you can get some cute photos together! Maddie & Madelyn, and Sadie & Emma are BFFs who joined the senior model team together!

Your significant other is always welcome to jump in for a few minutes during your sessions for some cute photos together!

In honor of homecoming season, we did a Glam session in September! I love anything glitzy and sparkly :D

This edgy photoshoot was called Dark Matter! It was themed around Halloween, of course! Most of these girl's outfits were picked from the Beauty Bag. It's so awesome to have a style closet of clothes and accessories to use! And a wonderful boutique called provided a lot of clothes and jewelry for this shoot!

Some behind the scenes snaps from the Dark Matter session! I love to collaborate with boutiques and I plan to do this more for the class of 2018 model program! So if you want to take part in an awesome styled group session, click here to sign up :D

We have shot at some insanely cool locations this year!!

This past December I got a studio! It's so great to have an indoor location especially for shooting during winter. We did a small group session with Maddie, Elizabeth, and Madelyn, and also a Olivia's and Elizabeth's individual sessions!

You'll also get a tee shirt and goodie bag as part of the senior model program! Here is Shania rocking her CTP tee!

So hopefully you are totally convinced and see how amazing the program will be!! It is such a blast to meet all these girls and get to know everyone. And the models all have so much fun at the group sessions and making new friends. The photo sessions aren't just regular photoshoots, they are a fun and customized experience! To learn all the specifics and to sign up for the class of 2018 senior model program, >> click here! <<