It’s time for the ultimate senior year.

videography by Lee Powell

Let’s create some amazing, trendy, and fashion-forward looks that reflect your personality and style. We will incorporate your hobbies and interests in a cool and fresh way. No outdated backdrops, no silly props, and no cheesy poses! Traditional? No way. Let’s make some trendy and striking works of art. You deserve an unforgettable senior session experience and to always feel beautiful in front of the camera. I seek out your best attributes and accentuate them to make you feel confident as ever. It’s time to shine, and I love to see your energy shine through my lens!   My promise to you? Stylish and vibrant images that will be the envy of all your peers, and timeless portraits that you and your family will treasure forever.

I’m here to help you put together outfits and accessories, help choose a location, coach you through posing, and anything else you need! I pay close attention to angles, lighting, and poses that are the most flattering. I'll then narrow down the photos and only showcase the absolute best ones. I take extra time and care into crafting your images into fantastic works of art!

This is your day, and we want to make sure your portraits turn out perfect! I want to hear all of your ideas, and I love to try new and fun things. Prepare for a photo session full of fun and laughs! You absolutely deserve to have a great time at your session. Our time together will likely end with a hug because we will be having a blast! We will shoot your session outdoors in natural light, close to the time of sunset. This is when the light is best and we can create some magical images with great even lighting!

Here's what others are saying about Chelsee T Photography!

"A photo session with Chelsee T is always a wonderful time. She is very professional but also fun to work with. The way she gets excited over each photo boots the overall energy of the session. I would recommend Chelsee T Photography to anyone. Her personality and skills make for an amazing photographer who I will, with no doubt, continue to work with."
-Tia M.

"I never thought that having senior photos taken would be such a blast. Chelsee works with you to make your ideas come to life in your photographs, and has such great ideas to showcase your personality and hobbies. Chelsee is up for anything, from wrangling horses, trudging through mud, or riding on the back of a 4-wheeler, and she always gets the shot. Chelsee T is a fantastic photographer and I truly enjoyed my experience!"
-Samantha J.

"I loved working with Chelsee T Photography! The way she interacts and treats her clients is so wonderful. She has a unique sense of style and creativity and she can capture the most beautiful moments. And she made me feel like more than just a client, she made me feel like a friend and part of her family. I would highly recommend her to anyone!"
-Veronique S.

"I had the pleasure of having Chelsee T take my senior portraits. I couldn't be happier with the quality. The photos were well posed, well edited, and the lighting was spectacular. She has a wonderful eye for creativity and this shines through her work. Chelsee was extremely approachable and friendly throughout the entire shoot. And she was able to bear the harsh winter weather without any complaints. She is also wonderful at taking your ideas into consideration and working with them. I was unsure of where I wanted my photos taken, so Chelsee gave me a variety of suggestions for locations that would work well with what I envisioned. I would highly recommend her for any portrait occasion because she is passionate about her work, and is a very friendly, kind, and talented individual."
-Sara A.

"Chelsee was so much fun to work with. She puts so much time and effort into making sure the whole experience is as fun and perfect as possible. Her personality is so outgoing and hilarious! She's inspirational when she captures the special moments you have with her. She puts so much thought into making sure it's what you want your photo session to be all about. Overall, Chelsee is a phenomenal photographer and I had a blast with her!"
-Blair N.